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It costs over £100,000 per year to run the core services of the Ecosystems Knowledge Network. In order to achieve our mission of harnessing the value of the environment for wellbeing and prosperity, we remain free to join and open to all. We rely on donations, grants and our social enterprise activities to serve our growing and diverse membership of over 3,000 professionals and volunteers throughout the UK. They are at the forefront of innovation in the stewardship of land, water and nature.

Our membership includes representation of over 600 local initiatives across the UK, many of whom work with very limited budgets.

How much would you like to donate? A donation of £50 will cover the cost of providing our core services to two members at the fore of local environmental stewardship. A donation of £500 will enable us to research and deliver a webinar and an edition of our monthly e-news.

“Ecosystems Knowledge Network has enabled Mersey Forest Team to share innovation, such its GI Val tool and Natural Health Service, with a wide range of individuals and enabled shared learnings about approaches that others are taking to similar issues.” Paul Nolan, Director, The Mersey Forest

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