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Tool Assessor is a free service that provides summary information about ways that show the value of the natural environment in society. This includes, for example, the role of natural features in reducing flood risk, improving health and storing carbon.

Across the UK, the networks of features that provide these benefits are sometimes referred to as natural capital, natural assets, green infrastructure and green networks. The contributions that these features make to people’s lives are often called ecosystem services. Many of the tools profiled in Tool Assessor use these terms.

Tool Assessor is provided by EKN to:
  • Help people understand what methods and tools are available.
  • Enable people developing and using these tools to share information about them.
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The EKN Tool Assessor is under constant review any updates and/or new tools are always welcome

Important Information

The Ecosystems Knowledge Network has reviewed methods and tools that it has been made aware of, aiming to provide impartial summary information about them.

Always check that a tool is suitable for its purpose before deploying it, and ensure that it is used by people with adequate skills and training. The Ecosystems Knowledge Network cannot accept any responsibility for how tools are used, or the decisions they are used to inform.

If you believe any of the information presented requires amendment, or you are aware of a tool that could be included then please get in touch below.

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Project Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Our focus is on connecting with tools that are available for practical application in the UK, that are designed to inform ‘real world’ decisions.

We’d be very pleased to consider it. Please get in touch!

Please leave a comment on a tool webpage so that others can learn from your experience (you’ll need to be signed in as a member of the Network to leave a comment).  Alternatively, send us an email telling us how you’ve used the tool and whether it informed decision-making about the environment, on