About Our Vision

Wellbeing and prosperity for everyone through a healthy natural environment

Our approach is to enable the exchange of know-how between professionals. We do this through the power of networking; speeding up the sharing of expertise and experience. We equip people to achieve more in their work, regardless of whether the environment is their primary focus.

Our vision for the future is positive. It is for a time when everyone seeks to maximise all the good things that a healthy environment does for people, rather than simply avoiding more harm.

Our positive vision

We think the natural environment has huge untapped potential to help resolve issues of concern people and businesses in this part of the 21st Century. Issues such as:

  • How to reduce health inequalities
  • How to revive local economies
  • How to create places where people want to be
  • How to ensure more resilience in the face of a changing climate

Our vision will have been fulfilled when the value of the environment is reflected in local and national decisions currently perceived to have little to do with it. Our Innovation Showcases demonstrate case studies across the UK where innovators and influencers are delivering projects that turn this vision into outcomes that people can see and learn from.

Our approach to securing the environment everyone needs is to accelerate the sharing of know-how and resources between those at the fore of stewardship of land, water and nature. We equip people to achieve more in their work, regardless of whether the natural environment is their primary focus. We do this by organising high-quality and inclusive events to share innovation, ideas and best practice. These range from large conferences to workshops and webinars. Every month we issue a popular e-news with the same objective.

Our website is also a key part of our approach; it is a unique and valued resource, sharing project examples, tools, guidance, and networking opportunities.

An Inclusive Vision

Our vision is about being people-centred and joined-up in how we steward land, water and nature at every scale, from local to national.

It involves thinking about long-term consequences of decisions. As such, it means working across traditional boundaries, whether these be administrative, social or natural.

Make our vision your vision

The Ecosystems Knowledge Network is for everyone, from park rangers to public health specialists and from land valuers to landscape architects. By supporting a diverse mix of professionals and volunteers, we work for the benefit of people in all parts of society.


Join the Ecosystems Knowledge Network so you can make our vision your vision. We are a unique award-winning resource for sharing knowledge about how to make our vision a reality.

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