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Natural capital accounting and the historic environment

27th September 2018


It is increasingly popular to consider features in the environment as forms of ‘natural capital’. Natural capital accounting is a way of assessing and communicating the value of these features. Historic environment assets such as registered parks, gardens and battlefields or listed buildings can act as natural capital stocks.  Management and maintenance of these assets affects the condition and extent of natural capital overall. This webinar will provide you with an overview of the findings of a scoping study that considered if, how and where current approaches to natural capital accounting can capture the benefits that are being delivered by the historic environment. 

Traditionally benefits from historic assets have been categorised as ‘cultural ecosystem services’. The study in this webinar looked more broadly than this. The webinar is an opportunity to discuss next steps in natural capital accounting and the historic environment and find out how the findings from this work are already feeding into other studies. The presenters and panelists were Patricia Rice (Natural England), Hannah Fluck & Adala Leeson (Historic England) and Teresa Fenn & Elizabeth Daly (Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd).