Resources Webinars Game On for Nature – Day 2

Game On for Nature – Day 2

20th June 2023

Day 2 – Delve into the virtual world of nature

Games, gaming and gamification are big topics and represent a huge enterprise, public engagement and innovation opportunity. Over eight sessions Game On for Nature 2023 brought together a unique mix of professionals in environmental stewardship, and the development and retail of games. Through panel discussions, workshops and demonstrations you will discover how games can be deployed on some of our most tricky challenges in recovering nature and adapting to climate change in the UK.

Delve into the virtual world of nature and its impact on our understanding of the environment. Hear from those creating games with the natural environment as their inspiration. Enjoy a morning of Game Developer Showcases followed by a panel discussion, exploring the crossover between the virtual and physical world in games about nature and to support nature.

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