Events Webinar: Nature Finance for Novices

Making sense of environmental markets and Nature Finance

A simple introduction to nature markets and nature finance – and the best sources of information to learn more.  

Webinar Details
11th July 2023
10:00 am
Ecosystems Knowledge Network


Natural carbon Credits, Biodiversity credits, Biodiversity Net Gain, nature markets, outcome-based payments, nutrient neutrality, green finance, natural capital, investment readiness… 

There is increasing talk of a greater role for private money in the restoration of the environment to meet climate and nature goals. But with so many terms in circulation, it can be very confusing. 

Join this webinar to orientate yourself in this new arena. Delivered by the Nature Finance team, at this webinar, we will cover: 
1. What is natural capital?
2. What is Nature Finance?
3. What do terms like nature markets and environmental markets mean?
4. Examples and case studies


Henry Crabb

Ecosystems Knowledge Network

Stephen Le Fanu

Ecosystems Knowledge Network