Events Webinar: Healthy Spaces for Work and Study

How could nature be integrated into work, study and care spaces?

The natural environment has been shown to contribute many benefits to physical and mental wellbeing. In this webinar we look at how creating spaces which encourage time spent with nature produce positive outcomes in a work context. From the campus pocket parks through to lunchtime seed planting sessions, how could nature become part of our workplaces?

Webinar Details
6th June 2023
1:00 pm
Ecosystems Knowledge Network


Join us as we discuss the impact of projects and landscape schemes at NHS sites, and the opportunity to engage university students with urban nature for improved mental health. 

Evidence suggests increasing levels of mental health difficulties among UK university students. The university campus is a possible resource to mitigate wellbeing issues through facilitating the salutogenic effects of engagement with nature. EKN’s very own Francesca Boyd examines the opportunity to integrate nature into university students’ daily lives.

Emma Edwards from the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare introduces the findings from their year-long study across three NHS sites on NHS staff wellbeing and nature connection. The ‘Space to Breathe’ report highlighted the importance of the stress reduction and restorative features of nature. Demonstrating how the findings from the report can be put into action, Nature Recovery Ranger Billy Styles, presents some of the initiatives occurring with staff and patients at The Mount Vernon Cancer Centre.

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Emma Edwards

Green Space for Health Ranger Manager

Francesca Boyd

Ecosystems Knowledge Network

Billy Styles

Nature Recovery Ranger