Delegates of the Accelerating Woodland Creation Conference are being offered the chance to join a set of webinars before the event. These are addressing important topics that there is not time to cover in detail in the Conference programme.

Webinar schedule

Grown in Britain Certification and the new Plant Healthy Assurance Scheme

Tuesday 17th March, 1 to 2 pm
Anyone involved with growing, trading or planting trees and shrubs needs to be aware of the new Plant Healthy Assurance Scheme being delivered by Grown in Britain and backed by Defra, RHS, HTA and the whole plant supply chain. The webinar will be presented by Helen Bentley-Fox and Dougal Driver of Grown in Britain.

Achieving a climate imperative: the CCC’s analysis of UK forestry’s contribution towards net zero

Wednesday 18th March, 1 to 2 pm

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) provides independent advice to government on building a low-carbon economy and preparing for climate change. It’s latest land use report (January 2020) identifies the vital part that afforestation and agro-forestry will play in ensuring that the UK meets a net zero target by 2050. The role of woodland in climate adaptation is also recognised. The report identifies policies that the CCC believes are necessary to deliver at least 30,000 ha of new coniferous and broadleaf woodland per year between now and 2050. Join this webinar to hear about the CCC’s view on policy mechanisms to support the woodland creation challenge. It will be presented by Indra Thillainathan, who co-authored the latest CCC land use report, and Brendan Freeman, who works on adaptation at the CCC. 

Tree Seeding – Exploring  what we know about establishing woodlands by tree seeding

Thursday 19th March, 1 to 2 pm

Tree seeding is the process of sowing tree seed by hand or machine directly onto a seedbed in the final growing position for woodland. It is also referred to as direct seeding and direct sowing. Although relatively scarce, the technique has been used for woodland establishment in the UK. It was the subject of a Forestry Commission practice guide in 2004. Join this webinar to learn what is known about the technique and to explore the potential for greater use in England in the context of current targets for woodland creation and discussions about re-wilding. Contributors include Mark Malins (Forestry Commission), Jenny Phelps (FWAG South West), Ian Willoughby (Forest Research), Charlie Burrell (Knepp Castle Estate) and Joe Watson (Cotswold Estates and Gardens).

One other webinar is being arranged for Friday 20th March and will be listed here shortly.

How to join the webinars

Once they have registered for the event, delegates will be sent a link to register via Webex.