Nature Tech 2024 is a market defining event, showcasing how digital technology can power nature recovery and nature-based solutions.

Nature Tech is the engine that will power nature recovery and nature-based solutions to help achieve net-zero and climate resilience for the future. This UK-focused event will explore the use of a broad set of technologies, from data processing and mapping, to AI, machine learning, e-acoustics, eDNA, gaming, visualisation, and virtual reality.

We are proud to bring you this event in partnership with the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and the Nature Tech Collective and our Media Partner edie.

Join leaders and experts to discover how Nature Tech is already:

  • Enabling project developers to model and measure nature-based solutions and nature recovery at scale across land and water habitats.
  • Enabling organisations to measure their nature risks and dependencies and embed nature into their business models.
  • Enabling private funders and investors to measure and report on their positive impact.
  • Enabling public engagement through citizen science, VR and gaming.
An essential event for:
  • Digital technology providers looking to play their part in nature recovery.
  • Developers of land-based, coastal and marine environmental initiatives.
  • Consultants and built infrastructure providers looking for new technologies.
  • Companies exploring how to measure their nature risks, dependencies and impact.
  • Public sector teams seeking to fulfill nature recovery targets.

25th June 2024

Aspire, Leeds City Centre

2 minute walk from Leeds Station

09:15 – 17:00

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The Nature Tech Expo features a programme of talks, panel discussions and side-sessions, from leaders in digital technology and nature recovery.

Explore our speakers
Dr Hannah Rudman

Business Development Director, Highlands Rewilding

Dr Doug Wilson OBE

Science Director, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Dr Ana Andries

Lecturer and Research Fellow, University of Surrey

James McBreen

Programme Manager, Technology and Innovation IUCN Centre for Conservation Action

Craig Melsom

Associate Director, Climate, Environment and Sustainability, TechUK

Dan Lear

IT and Data Teams Lead, Marine Biological Association

Elena Höge

CEO, Yaldi Games

Giselle Sterry

Lead, iNaturalistUK

Partners and sponsors

We are proud to be sponsored by outstanding leaders and innovators, advancing nature technologies across the UK and beyond.

Explore our partners and sponsors

The event is being organised by the award-winning Ecosystems Knowledge Network (EKN), an independent forum for harnessing the role of a healthy environment in people’s lives. We are a social enterprise and registered charity.