Tweed Catchment Management Plan

  • Scotts View © Tweed Forum
    Scotts View © Tweed Forum
Case Study Information
Enhancing and restoring the catchment through land and resource planning
Progress so far: 

The project has delivered a large number of outcomes including sustainable flood management, riparian and wetland restoration, an aerial survey, historic building restoration, a community garden and community wildlife officer, diffuse pollution control projects and practical ways to adapt to climae change. More information is available at

The Catchment Management Plan has been developed by the Tweed Forum, a partnership of 26 organisations, including the Scottish Borders Council, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage. For full membership see

Challenges and lessons learned: 

The main challenges have been in engaging and persuading landowners and farmers to change the way they manage the land, funding, and getting hold of the right data and information.

Local knowledge is key, both for understanding natural assets and also, crucially, the social context – who owns what and where opportunities might lie.

It is important to have personable people that can speak the language of the land managers and understand the economics of topics such as farming, forestry and fisheries.  It is also important to have an honest broker or trusted intermediary who is not regulatory or statutory.

Mapping alone is not enough – it needs to be backed up, and proofed, by local experts who know their patch.

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