Quantification but without a map

The following are a selection of ways in which the value of the natural environment can be assessed and communicated. It forms part of the Tool Assessor service provided by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network.

This section is currently under development. Please see below for several tools that quantify functions of nature but don't map them.

Environmental Benefits from Nature Tool

The Environmental Benefits from Nature tool is designed to work alongside Biodiversity metric 3.0 and provide developers, planners and others with interests in the built environment with a way to secure wider benefits for people and nature from biodiversity net gain. The tool uses a habitat-based approach to provide a common and consistent means of considering the direct impact of land use change across 18 ecosystem service services. The latest Beta version was released in July 2021.  Find out more

Green Infrastructure Valuation Toolkit

The Green Infrastructure Valuation toolkit provides a set of calculator tools to assess the value of a green asset or a proposed green investment. Where possible, the benefits of green infrastructure are given an economic value. Other quantitative (e.g. number of jobs) and qualitative (e.g. links to case studies or research) contributions can also be provided to give a complete view of the value of an asset.

More on this tool       Download a fact sheet on this tool (pdf)

i-Tree Eco

i-Tree Eco is a software application designed for urban forest assessment. It uses field data from complete inventories or randomly located sample plots, along with hourly air pollution and meteorological data. It quantifies the structure and environmental effects of urban forests (for trees and shrubs) and calculates their value to communities.

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