Funding set aside for 13 new Landscape Partnership schemes

On 23rd July, The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) announced that it has set aside £20m for 13 schemes to be funded through its Landscape Partnership programme. The projects cover diverse landscapes across the UK, including the Ouse Washes (Cambridgeshire) and the Dearne Valley (a Nature Improvement Area in the foothills of the Pennines).  HLF’s Landscape Partnerships are designed to help bring together members of the community as well as local, regional, and national organisations to benefit landscapes and rural communities.

Rural policy conference, Gloucester, September 2012

This one-day conference, organised by the Countryside and Community Research Insitute, is aimed at all of those involved with rural policy, including practitioners, policy maker and academic researchers.  It will reflect on how rural policy has arrived at its present day juncture, as well as look forward to new possibilities. The event takes place on 27th September in Gloucester. For more information see