England: Natural Capital Committee publishes 5th Report

6th February 2018

The Natural Capital Committee has published its 5th Report, setting out its activities for 2018. The Committee asserts its position as integral to the implementation of HM Government's 25 Year Environment Plan. Among this, it says that "In 2018 the Pioneer Projects should move from their initial start up phase to become an integral part of delivering the Plan."

The four Pioneer Projects, relating to five locations in England, are intended to explore the challenges and opportunities raised in implementing a "natural capital approach" in practice.

Natural capital "How to do it" workbook

The Natural Capital Committee for England has published a draft (version 1) workbook for natural capital assessment, along with a paper that sets out principles for selecting approaches to valuation of changes in the state of natural capital.

"This practical guide is aimed at anyone who wants to use natural capital approaches in making decisions about the natural environment. It is intended to support decision makers, including planners, communities and landowners, but has particular relevance for place based decisions."

All England ecosystem service maps published

Natural England has published the first England level maps for ten ecosystem services, using a simple methodology derived from the National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA 2011). Each map has been produced using data from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology's Land Cover Map 2007. Habitat is used as a proxy for service provision. A case study of the South Downs is included, considering the usefulness of these maps for local projects.

A link to the report is available on the ecosystem service mapping page of this website.