Our Strategy

We are proud to present our strategy

Our vision is for wellbeing and prosperity for everyone in the UK through a healthy natural environment. Why not make it your vision too?

Our mission is to equip a diverse range of people with the necessary skills and expertise to make this a reality. Join in our mission today as a member, a Corporate Partner or a sponsor?

Our track record, our independence and the expertise and drive of our 2,000-strong membership mean that we are well-placed to achieve our mission and fulfil our objectives.


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Strategic Aims

The document identifies and expands upon three strategic aims that provide the nucleus of our ambitions moving forward:

  1. To equip our members through accessible learning opportunities
  2. To equip sectors and professions to connect the environment with wellbeing and prosperity
  3. To catalyse innovative partnerships that will make a practical difference ‘on the ground’


Delivering on our aims

Our Strategy sets out how we plan to deliver on our stratgeic aims. It gives detail of how we intend to manage our income, resources, branding and communications to achieve an environment for good, for everyone.

An impression of the vision we are striving for can be found below:


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