Resources Webinars Using natural capital approaches to improve integrated decision-making

Using natural capital approaches to improve integrated decision-making

3rd October 2018


Part of the Partnerships for People, Place & Environment webinar series (Defra Local Delivery Project)

Natural capital approaches are ways to improve the environment by considering the relationships between natural assets, the services they support and the benefits derived from them. They involve new dialogue and relationships between the diverse array of organisations with interests in the quality of our environment. This webinar provided an opportunity to discuss how natural capital approaches are being used to engage new partners in decisions about areas of land and water. Paul Walton, Head of Environment and Rural Economy at the New Forest National Park Authority spoke about the Green Halo Partnership, an initiative that is working beyond the boundaries of the New Forest National Park to integrate nature and the natural environment with a thriving, economically successful community. Paul Leinster Chair of the Bedfordshire Local Nature Partnership discussed the challenges of getting the environment and natural capital investment recognised as material and improtant issues within the governance and delivery aspects of the Oxford – Milton Keynes – Cambridge Growth Corridor.