Payments for ecosystem services in the English Uplands

Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) is a term used to describe a range of schemes through which the beneficiaries, or users, of ecosystem services provide payment to the stewards, or providers of those services. The following describes a PES pilot project completed in 2013.

Developing place based approaches for PES in the English Uplands

A final report on this project is available, along with a technical appendix that discusses how carbon sequestration services in the South Pennines pilot could be valued and potentially traded as part of a PES scheme.

  • This project was led by the Crichton Carbon Centre in collaboration with IUCN Peatland Programme, URS and Birmingham City University, with advisory inputs from the Environment Bank.  Defra and Natural England provided funding support.
  • The study focused on how to develop place-based approaches for PES. It built on the evidence base generated through Natural England’s Ecosystem Service Pilots to identify, quantify, value and enhance packages of ecosystem services, working collaboratively with partners, farmers and other land managers. 
  • Given the importance of carbon storage and sequestration in the uplands, this was a particular focus of this work. It considered how marketing carbon can be combined with other possible marketable services. It will explored the development of metrics to underpin a voluntary peatland carbon code.

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