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HLF review of ‘green finance’ in the UK

This review was undertaken in order to help environmental funders to explore new ways of providing money for the stewardship of land, water and nature in the UK. It was commissioned by the Heritage Fund and undertaken by Finance Earth. It is based on insight from over 40 organisations in the UK involved in the pursuit of new forms of finance. The report identifies actions to address current barriers to finance for environmental protection and restoration. This includes, for example, an increase in the availability of capital that recognises the inherent risks of nature-based projects.

6th May 2022

New ‘Nature Markets’ Paper released

This new document, authored by members of the new Taskforce on Nature Markets summarises the evolution of environmental markets support of the restoration and protection of nature around the world. It also describes the opportunities for involving communities in new financial transactions designed to support nature, as well as the importance of good governance. The Taskforce was launched in March 2022. It is convened by the Finance for Biodiversity initiative, which aims to better align global finance with nature conservation and restoration.

6th May 2022