Webinar series: Partnerships for People, Place & Environment

This page provides recordings and resources for the webinar series entitled 'Partnerships for People, Place & Environment', which took place in the summer and autumn of 2018.

These webinars form part of the 25 Year Environment Plan Local Delivery Project, commissioned by Defra and delivered by Collingwood Environmental Planning, New Economics Foundation and Ecosystems Knowledge Network. An introduction to the Project, which continues throughout 2018, is provided at the beginning of each webinar. The Project has involved case studies, an on-line survey, workshops and webinars.

Note that views expressed in the webinars and associated resources are independent of Defra.

For the full listing of on-line events organised by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network, see our webinar library.

Webinar 1

Opportunities for involving local communities in managing their environment and place-making - 3rd July 2018

This webinar featured two examples of work to build the capacity of local communities to manage environments in ways that make them resilient, healthy and prosperous. Jenny Phelps of the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group spoke about how the Integrated Local Delivery approach uses the detailed knowledge of farmers and local residents to identify environmental concerns and find joined-up ways of meeting multiple objectives. Paul Cobbing of the National Flood Forum discussed the work that local flood groups are doing to develop natural flood management methods in partnership with flood authorities and local landowners.

The webinar had the purpose of stimulating discussion of opportunities for the public, private and third sector to play their part in connecting people, place and environment in 2019 and beyond. This includes how local community action can be a catalyst for mobilising resources to deliver environmental and social benefits in the context of the Government's 25 Year Environment Plan.

Chaired by Clare Twigger-Ross of Collingwood Environmental Planning.


Webinar 2

Opportunities for connecting health and the environment - 5th July 2018

Download the Webinar Summary Notes and Further Resources.

The environment plays a large role in supporting health and wellbeing. This webinar featured two examples of work that puts partnership working for health and the environment into practice. Dr James Szymankiewicz, GP and Chair of Devon Local Nature Partnership, spoke about his experiences helping communities reconnect with the natural world to benefit people and the environment. Mark Fishpool, Director of Middlesbrough Environment City also presented. Middlesbrough Environment City works with over 150 local partners to achieve 'One Planet Living' to ensure a sustainable future and maintain quality of life for all.

The webinar was designed stimulate discussion of opportunities for the public, private and third sector to play their part in connecting health and environment. It explored how health can be supported and the Government's 25 Year Environment Plan can be implemented within local communities.

Chaired by Dave Powell of the New Economics Foundation.


Webinar 3

An environment for investment, productivity and inclusive growth - 13th September 2018

Local economic development remains a priority throughout the UK. Our understanding of how the environment underpins sustainable forms of growth is greater than ever. This webinar will feature two enterprise and economic development initiatives that have given recognition to the importance of the natural environment in meeting their goals. Emily Kent from the Economic Development Team of Cornwall Council and her colleague Rachel Bice from the Environment Service will discuss how a commitment to environmental growth has come to be embedded in their Economic Growth Plan for Cornwall. They will describe the implications of this for investment work to date. Andrew Leeming from the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership share his perspective on the opportunity for environment to support long-term growth. He provided insight into how Local Nature Partnerships and other local environmental initiatives in England can work more effectively to support strategic economic development initiatives. 

Webinar 4

Using natural capital approaches to improve integrated decision-making - Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Natural capital approaches are ways to improve the environment by considering the relationships between natural assets, the services they support and the benefits derived from them. They involve new dialogue and relationships between the diverse array of organisations with interests in the quality of our environment. This webinar provided an opportunity to discuss how natural capital approaches are being used to engage new partners in decisions about areas of land and water. Paul Walton, Head of Environment and Rural Economy at the New Forest National Park Authority spoke about the Green Halo Partnership, an initiative that is working beyond the boundaries of the New Forest National Park to integrate nature and the natural environment with a thriving, economically successful community. Paul Leinster Chair of the Bedfordshire Local Nature Partnership discussed the challenges of getting the environment and natural capital investment recognised as material and improtant issues within the governance and delivery aspects of the Oxford - Milton Keynes - Cambridge Growth Corridor.