Reports and Key Documents


Use this bank of resources to keep up-to-date with recent policy documents and reports on the topic of Nature-Based Finance.

Guidance on Nature-based Finance Opportunities for Land Managers in Scotland

Published by NatureScot, this guidance was written o help land managers of rural Scotland consider the opportunity of nature-based finance, and assess its implications for their work. By collating new sources for understanding nature-based finance through land, water and nature which are emerging in Scotland, the report explores emerging opportunities of private finance for environmental stewardship in rural areas. (April, 2022)

A Review of Green Finance in the UK

The Heritage Fund commissioned Finance Earth to undertake a review of the UK-wide green finance sector to learn from recent developments and innovations, and consider what strategic support could help unlock further private finance for natural heritage. The report focuses on financing for Nature-based Solutions, emphasising the importance of collaboration, investment and flexible repayable finance to overcome current barriers faced by organisations. (March, 2022)

Promoting Responsible Investments in Scotland's Natural Assets

During COP26, the Scottish Government pledged to develop a values-led and high-integrity market for natural capital. Six interim principles have now been published setting out the government’s ambitions and expectations for responsible private investment, for communities, investors, land owners, land managers, public bodies and other market stakeholders, making Scotland the first country in the UK to set out its ambitions for a natural capital market in this way. (March, 2022)

Financing UK Nature Recovery

Originating from a collaboration between the Broadway Initiative, Green Finance Institute and Finance Earth in November 2020, the UK Financing and Nature Recovery initiative works to create investable markets and projects for mainstream financial providers to mobilise capital towards nature-based solutions across the UK. The 2021 Updated Draft Recommendations for the 2020 Financing UK Nature Recovery document serves to outline a Vision and Framework for high-integrity markets for nature, providing advice on how to scale-up these markets across the UK. (November, 2021)


 Natural Capital - The battle for control

 In this report, Green Alliance explores four scenarios around the governance of natural capital, with a specific focus on private payments. The report recommends that new forms of governance is required in order to direct natural capital markets in a direction which is beneficial for both people and planet - Including a new office for carbon renewal. The report does not resolve all of the issues it raises, but proposes three interventions which increase the ability for natural capital payments to deliver the multifunctional land use required to fulfil society's goals and needs. These are: An office for carbon renewal; a rural land use framework; and more flexible farm tenancies. (January, 2022)