Other Initiatives and Pilot Programmes

The following links are part of the first wave of pages for the Ecosystems Knowledge Network's Nature-Based Finance Learning Hub.

UK-oriented initiatives and programmes


  • This is a resource provided by the Green Finance Institute for finance professionals and other stakeholders working to increase private investment in nature restoration, nature-based solutions and nature-positive outcomes in and for the UK. It comprises case studies, podcasts and links to other resources.
  • With support from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Ecosystems Knowledge Network is working in partnership with the GFI to support shared learning that will accelerate nature-based finance in the UK.

Financing UK Nature Recovery

  • This is a coalition led by the Broadway Initiative, the Green Finance Initiative and Finance Earth. The group works to create investible markets and projects for mainstream financial providers, mobilising capital towards nature-based solutions across the UK. Since its launch in 2020, it has facilitated extensive dialogue on nature-based finance throughout the UK.

Scottish Conservation Finance Pioneers Group

  • The Scottish Nature Finance Pioneers group aims to build on the interest generated in conservation finance by the 'Route Map to £1 Billion' conservation finance project in Scotland. It is open to anyone to join, from anywhere in the world. The aim is to develop and establish new avenues for directing investment into nature projects in Scotland. The Pioneers group exchanges ideas via a communication and co-working platform known as Basecamp.

The Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund

Established by Defra and the Environment Agency, The Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund works to support HM Government's 25 Year Environment Plan, green finance strategy, and 10 point plan for a 'green industrial revolution'. It aims to stimulate private investment and market-based mechanisms that improve and safeguard our domestic natural environment by helping projects get ready for investment. The £10 million fund provides grants of up to £100,000 to local authorities, businesses, environmental groups and other authorities to help them develop nature projects in England through which they can attract private investment. 

Community of Practice for the Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund

  • The Environment Agency is facilitating a group to share learning from projects supported through its Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund. It is hosted on Microsoft Sharepoint (applications for access are necessary).

UK Sustainable Finance and Investment Association

  • A membership organisation for those in the finance sector who are committed to growing sustainable and responsible finance in the UK.

Internationally-oriented networks and initiatives

Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation 

  • A global initiative to support private, return-seeking investment in conservation.


  • NatureVest is the conservation investment unit of The Nature Conservancy. Its mission is to create and execute investable deals in a wide variety of sectors around the world that deliver conservation results and financial returns for investors. See our webinar in September 2021 that features some of the work of NatureVest around the world. TNC is a partner in the Wendling Beck Environment Project in the East of England, which is supported by the Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund.

Conservation Finance Network

  • Led by Yale Centre for Business and the Environment, this initiative is aimed at expanding the use of innovative and effective funding and financing strategies for the environment. Note the helpful series of webinars offered by the Network. 

UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative

  • A partnership between United Nations Environment and the global financial sector, operating for over 25 years. Its mission is to promote sustainable finance. 

Codes and standards to support transactions for environmental services

Published codes and standards

Peatland Code

  • This is a voluntary certification standard for UK peatland projects wishing to market the climate benefits of peatland restoration and provides assurances to voluntary carbon market buyers that the climate benefits being sold are real, quantifiable, additional and permanent.  It is overseen by the IUCN UK Peatland Programme.

Woodland Carbon Code

  • This is the quality assurance standard for woodland creation projects in the UK. It generates independently verified carbon units. It is endorsed by ICROA, the global umbrella body for carbon reduction and offset providers in the voluntary market. 

Wilder Carbon

  • The Wilder Carbon Standards are designed to ensure that nature conservation projects in the UK result in long-term removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and secure biodiversity gains. The standards were published in November 2021 and are subject to a programme of further development supported by the Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund for England.

Codes and standards in development

UK Saltmarsh Carbon Code 

  • This new product is under development with the support of the Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund in England. It will operate on a similar basis to the Peatland Code and Woodland Codes. 

UK Farm Soil Carbon Code

  • Established by the Sustainable Soils Alliance, the Code constitutes a formal set of protocols that allow farmers to quantify and verify reduced greenhouse gas emissions and/or soil carbon capture as a result of adopting regenerative farming practices. The outcome-based Code will be openly accessible to all farmers, applicable for a range of 'carbon accounting' purposes, including offset registries, carbon capture incentive schemes, ecosystem services and environmental investment products.