Natural Capital Investment Forum Webinars

The following webinars have been scheduled for the Natural Capital Investment Forum, an on-line learning group of the Ecosystems Knowledge Network.  If you are a member, use the password that will have been given you to join. If you are not a member, see our main Forum webage for details of how to join in.

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Upcoming Webinars

Crowdfunding public infrastructure: financing for natural capital assets

Louise Wilson, Abundance Investment

1 pm British Summer Time (GMT+1), 27th June 2019

A pioneering project to assess the barriers and opportunities of crowdfunding as an option for public sector bodies to finance socially-beneficial infrastructure projects is currently underway. The work is being undertaken by The Bauman Institute at Leeds University, working with the Westminster Government's Department of Digital, Media Culture & Sport, Local Partnerships and Abundance Investment. Although the project is not focused specifically on natural infrastructure, there is lots of potential for crowdfunding to become part of this when revenue models are found. In this webinar, Louise Wilson from Abundance Investment will explore the implications for financing natural capital assets. Register here.

On-line platforms to secure ecosystem service revenues from catchment management

James Peacock, EnTrade

1 pm British Summer Time (GMT+1), 26th September 2019

There is a strong case for improving the financing of catchment management in the UK, connecting farmers and other land managers with those who benefit from improvements in water quality, reduced flood risk carbon sequestration.  There is a growing need for on-line platforms to enable beneficiaries, brokers and suppliers to collaborate. EnTrade has been developed for this purpose and has been deployed at a number of locations throughout England. In this webinar, James Peacock from EnTrade will explain the logic behind on-line platforms for catchment-based ecosystem service trading, including how revenue flows. He will demonstrate the capabilities of EnTrade using practical examples, explaining how it connects with environmental data, modelling and the availability of 'on the ground' advice. Register here.

Previous webinars

Webinars are provided for Forum members approximately every 2 months. To see recordings of these and other previous webinars please visit the Natural Capital Investment Forum webpage.

Natural Infrastructure Scheme - a catchment-based framework for revenue for water management services

Wednesday 26th September 2018, 1 to 2 pm

The Natural Infrastructure Scheme (NIS) is a market in avoided costs in which, water utilities, infrastructure operators and public agencies would contract farmers to implement measures on their land to slow the flow of water and improve water quality. Actions by farmers could include soil aeration, tree planting and the creation of attenuation ponds. The scheme is being developed by the Green Alliance in partnership with the National Trust. In this webinar, we will explore the potential for the NIS model to form the basis for attracting new capital investment in the farmed environment. It will examine the security of the likely revenue stream and how outcomes might be assured to buyers in NIS schemes.

Initiating Landscape Enterprise Networks

Wednesday 28th November 2018, 1 to 2 pm

Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) harness commercial interest in how landscapes function in order to drive investment and innovation that protects assets like soils, aquifers, access infrastructure, habitats and tree cover. LENs are expected to begin with small, mutually beneficial business clusters investing to protect a few simple assets. They can then grow into regional networks where multiple businesses are collaborating to invest in multiple assets that deliver multiple functions across the landscape. Nestlé has already engaged in the LENs approach, and it is currently being tested in the UK. The webinar will feature a presentation by Tom Curtis of 3Keel Sustainability Advisors, who is involved in developing and testing the LENS approach.