Afternoon seminars

Round 1 - Dimensions in natural capital finance

Investment for community scale resilience and natural capital

With Bruce Davis, Abundance Investment

This seminar will explore the ways in which local communities can invest in creating resilience and natural capital resources. This centres on helping citizens engage with the long term value of their local environment. The session will cover the challenge of aligning financial needs with long term environmental and social benefits. 

An overview of the standards, metrics and verification landscape for natural capital investment

With Stephanie Hime of Little Blue Research, Maria del Felippo of Affirmative Investment Management and Katie House of the Climate Bonds Initiative.

Chaired by Marie-Justine Labelle of PwC

This seminar will provide an overview of some of the emerging standards and metrics for natural capital investment, identifying current work in the area, key stakeholders and updates. This includes some examples of where the natural capital approach has been used by financial institutions when considering potential investments.

Natural flood management and the insurance industry

With Angus Middleton (Viridian Logic), Andy Bord (Chief Executive of Flood Re), Katherine Owens (Head of Environment Policy & Regulation at United Utilities) and Gary Heuting (Chief Operating Officer at Co-operative Insurance)

United Utilities, in conjunction with the Environment Agency, the Rivers Trust and Cooperative Insurance have been working to understanding how modelling could quantify the multiple benefits of Natural Flood Management and so attract investment through blended finance. To do this they used modelling by Viridian Logic, Ambiental and APEM to integrate natural flood management with property-level protection measures, so that cost/benefit could be understood and maximised. They also quantified additional benefits of carbon sequestration and reduced nutrient loading in the rivers.  This seminar will explore the results, gaps and lessons of this approach with representatives from FloodRE, Co-Operative Insurance and United Utilities, as well as how it can be evolved to unlock funding from the utility businesses, insurance providers and others.

Round 2 - Front runners in the pipeline

UK Peatland – An Impact Investment Opportunity

With Clifton Bain, Director of the IUCN Peatland Programme and comment from Jennifer Pryce of Calvert Impact Capital

Session Convenor: Jonny Hughes, Chief Executive of Scottish Wildlife Trust

Alongside their important role in the UK's carbon budget, healthy peatland is vital in determining water quality for multiple UK cities and is a provider of unique habitat for wildlife with recreational opportunities that contribute millions of pounds to local economies. In collaboration with eftec, the UK Peatland Programme of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, has created the Peatland Code and is proposing a new model for incorporating this in a managed fund to restore peatland. Funds would be disbursed to land owners and managers as revenue to meet the costs of restoration, management and maintenance. As the benefits, such as emissions reduction, water quality and biodiversity improvements are realised, relevant beneficiaries make payments that enter back into the investment pool.

Financing Greater Manchester's Natural Capital priorities

With Krista Patrick, Greater Manchester Combined Authority. 

Session Convenor: Ian Dickie, eftec

Under the leadership of Mayor Andy Burham, Greater Manchester is growing in its status as a leading green city region, supported by its status of one of four natural capital 'pioneers' in England. This seminar will provide an overview the Greater Manchester Natural Capital Investment Plan, the first of its type for a UK city region and due for release just before the conference.  Greater Manchester Combined Authority's natural capital lead, Krista Patrick, will outline the investment priorities and the actions to put this into practice, including the establishment of an Investment Readiness Fund and priority finance models.

The role of carbon finance in helping unlock UK woodland creation projects

With Forest Carbon. Chaired by Jonathan Shopley of Natural Capital Partners.

This seminar will provide an overview of the growing role that carbon funding, raised via the Woodland Carbon Code, is playing in delivering woodland creation projects across the UK. It will examine the drivers for those businesses voluntarily funding projects as well as looking at practical examples of successful woodland projects that partners of Forest Carbon have helped co-fund, alongside other available funding streams. The seminar will also briefly touch on the wider national policies and measures that are likely to further stimulate this market.