Tresham Garden Village: A natural capital impact assessment

Project description: 

This project carried out a natural capital and ecosystem services assessment of Tresham Garden Village, a proposed major housing and community development in East Northamptonshire. This project addresses the question: how will an assessment of natural capital and ecosystem services work in practice for a major urban development? Natural capital was mapped across the site under the baseline (pre-development) condition and under a draft masterplan produced by the Tresham Garden Village design team. The capacity of the natural environment to deliver 11 different ecosystem services was then modelled and mapped at high resolution across the site. Under the proposed masterplan, the delivery of almost all ecosystem services is predicted to increase, with the exception of agricultural production, and water flow and biodiversity representing a slight decline. A workshop was held to raise awareness of the natural capital and ecosystem services assessment approach being taken at Tresham, including presenting some of the results of the assessment. This project has demonstrated how a natural capital and ecosystem services approach can be applied to the planning and development process in regard to a major development.

Organisations involved: 

Natural Capital Solutions

Scale of project: 
Deenethorpe Airfield Site, East Northamptonshire
Special purposes of project: 
Map ecosystem services
Create accounts
What ecosystem service classification was used?: 

Services were selected to include all the most important services provided by the natural environment at Tresham.

Which ecosystem services were focused on?: 

  • Crops, livestock, fish
  • Food
  • Trees, standing vegetation, peat
  • Carbon sequestration & storage
  • Climate regulation
  • Detoxification and purification in air, soils and water
  • Flood control
  • Hazard regulation
  • Noise regulation
  • Pollination
  • Pollution
Other ecosystem services included: 

Accessible nature capacity

Habitats mapped for ecosystem services: 
Enclosed farmland
Baseline data: 
Habitat or land cover
Habitat quality and/or condition
Human census
Contact name: 
Dr. Jim Rouquette
Contact job title: 
Director of Natural Capital Solutions
Natural Capital Solutions
1 Lucas Bridge Business Park, 1 Old Greens Norton Road, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 8AX
07790 105375