The Social, Economic and Environmental Research project into Multi-Objective Land Use Decision Making (SEER)

Project description: 

The SEER project aims to apply advanced analysis techniques to highly detailed datasets comprising spatially detailed information to produce ecosystem service maps. These can then be used to aid decision-making. Maps have been produced at a 2km resolution for the whole of Great Britain and have focussed on a set of ecosystems services and goods, including agriculture, recreation, greenhouse gas emissions and urban green space. Different scenarios were applied to a baseline to show the spatial distribution of changes in ecosystem service value. The economic gains and losses in ecosystem service value is estimated in £/ha/year for different scenarios. SEER is necessarily a highly interdisciplinary undertaking, bringing together economists with ecologists, hydrologists, spatial and policy analysts.

Organisations involved: 

CSERGE at University of East Anglia

Scale of project: 
Great Britain
Total area covered by project: 
230000 (sq. km)
Special purposes of project: 
Map economic values of ecosystem services
Create accounts
What ecosystem service classification was used?: 


Which ecosystem services were focused on?: 

  • Recreation/tourism
  • Crops, livestock, fish
  • Trees, standing vegetation, peat
Habitats mapped for ecosystem services: 
Coastal margins
Enclosed farmland
Freshwater, wetlands and floodplains
Mountains, moors and heaths
Baseline data: 
Admin boundaries
Biological monitoring data
Habitat or land cover
Human census
Infrastructure data
Land use data
Protected or designated areas data
Rivers data
Key outputs available: 

The Social, Economic and Environmental Research (SEER) project into Multi-Objective Land Use Decision Making 

SEER project, economic gain and loss maps 

Bateman et al., 2013. Bringing Ecosystem Services into Economic Decision-Making: Land Use in the United Kingdom. Science, 341(6141), pg 45-50. 

Contact name: 
Amii Harwood
Contact job title: 
Lecturer in Geography and GIS
School of Environmental Sciences, UEA
School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ
01693 59 1353