Green benefits in the Victoria Business Improvement District

Project description: 

This project assessed select ecosystem services that public and private trees provide in the Victoria Business Improvement District (BID). A baseline quantitative assessment was undertaken to measure the impact of green infrastructure on: air pollution, carbon storage, carbon sequestration, storm water, recreation, and surface temperature of green infrastructure. A numerical value, in £s per year, was calculated for these services. The tools i-Tree Eco model, Capital Asset Valuation for Amenity Trees (CAVAT), and the Green Infrastructure Valuation Toolkit were utilised.

Organisations involved: 

Victoria Business Improvement District

Scale of project: 
The Victoria Business Improvement District
Total area covered by project: 
0 (sq. km)
Special purposes of project: 
Map ecosystem services
Map economic values of ecosystem services
Map social/cultural values
Map health impacts
Create accounts
What ecosystem service classification was used?: 

Select ecosystem services relevant to Victoria BID

Which ecosystem services were focused on?: 

  • Aesthetic/inspiration
  • Recreation/tourism
  • Climate regulation
  • Detoxification and purification in air, soils and water
  • Flood control
  • Hazard regulation
Habitats mapped for ecosystem services: 
Contact name: 
David Beamont
Contact job title: 
Environmental and Sustainability Manager
Victoria Business Improvement District
2nd Floor, 14 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0QP
0203 056 7437