Gloucestershire Natural Capital Project

Project description: 

The Gloucestershire Local Nautre Partnership has been commissioned by Gfirst LEP and the Local Authorities to:

  • Carry out natural capital baseline and opportunity mapping for the county 
  • Identify potential natural capital enahnce projects 
  • Develop a natural capital investment approach for the county 

The mapping work is being carried out by Ecosulis and is closely aligned to the Ecometric/Environmental Change Institute methodology, attributing ecosystem service provision to different habitat types on a 2mx2m grid square basis, and modifying these scores dependent upon relevant spatial data. 

Organisations involved: 

Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, Ecosulis 

Scale of project: 
Total area covered by project: 
3150 (sq. km)
Special purposes of project: 
Map ecosystem services
What ecosystem service classification was used?: 

That developed by Alison Smith, with some adjustments.

Which ecosystem services were focused on?: 

  • Sense of place/heritage
  • Education
  • Recreation/tourism
  • Food
  • Water supply
  • Carbon sequestration & storage
  • Climate regulation
  • Detoxification and purification in air, soils and water
  • Flood control
Other ecosystem services included: 

Interaction with nature; Biodiversity; Soil health; Water quality 

Further detail on habitats: 

UK Habitat classifcations were used

Baseline data: 
Admin boundaries
Biological monitoring data
Habitat or land cover
Habitat quality and/or condition
Infrastructure data
Land use data
Protected or designated areas data
Rivers data
Notes on sources of baseline data used: 

The UK Habs habitat data which underlies the whole project has been developed based upon best available data by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, with close cooperation from the Gloucestershire Centre for Environmental Records, through the Nature Recovery Network project. 

Key outputs available: 

Ecosystem service baseline and opportunity mapping layers

Contact name: 
Matt Whitney
Contact job title: 
Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership Manager