GIFT-T! and Mapping the Hoo Peninsula

Project description: 

GIFT-T! is an EU funded project looking to develop Green Infrastructure Business Plans at a landscape scale. The project started in September 2011, consisting of five case study areas across north west Europe, including the Hoo Peninsula, Rochester. The Hoo Peninsula case study involved interviews, discussions and focus groups with stakeholders, including several youth groups. These discussions identified a broad vision for Green Infrastructure in the area and identified the goals for the Green Infrastructure Business Plan. A key component of GIFT-T! was the work undertaken to develop a series of robust maps showing Landscape Service ‘needs’ maps. GIFT-T! built 27 Landscape Service ‘needs’ maps showing where services such as noise pollution cancellation, air regulation or flood protection were needed.

Organisations involved: 

Greening the Gateway Kent and Medway, Medway Council

Scale of project: 
Hoo Peninsula, Medway, Kent
Total area covered by project: 
21 (sq. km)
Special purposes of project: 
Map ecosystem services
Map economic values of ecosystem services
What ecosystem service classification was used?: 

Classification developed by the Mersey Forest team for NW England.

Which ecosystem services were focused on?: 

  • Aesthetic/inspiration
  • Sense of place/heritage
  • Health and well-being
  • Recreation/tourism
  • Crops, livestock, fish
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Natural medicines
  • Trees, standing vegetation, peat
  • Water supply
  • Carbon sequestration & storage
  • Climate regulation
  • Erosion control
  • Flood control
  • Hazard regulation
  • Noise regulation
  • Pollution
Habitats mapped for ecosystem services: 
Coastal margins
Freshwater, wetlands and floodplains
Mountains, moors and heaths
Semi-natural grasslands
Baseline data: 
Habitat or land cover
Human census
Infrastructure data
Land use data
Key outputs available: 

Hoo Peninsula Green Infrastructure Business Plan, available at:

Contact name: 
Martin Hall
Contact job title: 
Greenspace Development and Skills Manager
Medway Council
Medway Council, Gun Warf, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR
01634 331447