Llŷn Landscape Partnership

Case Study Information
Managing the landscape for environmental, economic and community benefits
Progress so far: 

The Llŷn Landscape Partnership has succeeded in bringing together statutory, environmental, economic and social groups to work for the benefit of the area.

A coastal Connectivity Strategy was produced with the aim of maintaining and expanding the coastal habitats, which were identified as outstanding features in ‘Landmap’, the landscape character assessment methodology for Wales.  These coastal habitats are under pressure from threats such as agricultural improvements, a reduction of grazing on common land, visitor pressure and climate change; and protecting and restoring them would provide an invaluable resource to coastal species as well economic and social outcomes when allied to the Wales Coastal Path.

The Llŷn Peninsula is one of seven Nature Action Zones across Wales, and the Llŷn Landscape Partnership is one of 20 Nature Fund projects within these zones.  This means the partnership will be able to develop actions based on the Coastal Connectivity Strategy; and will also develop a ‘Llŷn Connectivity Business Plan’ that will identify and cost a suite of ‘Ecosystem Approach’ projects that could be implemented over the next 10 years.

Challenges and lessons learned: 

The knowledge, experience and best practice of the partnership has facilitated negations between organisations and stakeholders, allowing projects to be delivered efficiently and seamlessly.

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