Inner Forth Landscape Initiative

Case Study Information
Revealing and enhancing natural, cultural and historical wealth
Progress so far: 

Communities and stakeholders are playing a large part of the delivery for creating a Landscape Action Plan.  These stakeholders have been invited to propose projects that could form part of the scheme and receive funding.  

An audience survey has taken place to explore who uses the area and what their needs are in terms of the project themes. Stakeholders are represented on the Board, Steering Group and Working Groups.

Between May/June 2014 and April 2018, fifty discrete but inter-related projects are taking place around the Inner Forth area.  Projects developed and delivered through IFLI are:

  • turning perceptions of the Inner Forth around and increasing local pride,
  • connecting disparate habitats to create a landscape flourishing with biodiversity,
  • celebrating, protecting and improving access to important historical and natural features,
  • training and supporting committed and motivated local community groups, individuals and organisations to take action to conserve their area’s heritage, and
  • increasing physical and intellectual access to the area’s important heritage.
Challenges and lessons learned: 

The Landscape Partnership has to work in the context of four local authorities and their policies and priorities, as well as with a number of national statutory agencies and other bodies. However, the Partnership is strongly driven by the Heritage Lottery Fund Landscape Partnership funding framework which requires delivery across four themes:

  • Conserving or restoring built and natural features typical of the Landscape Partnership area
  • Encouraging more people and a wider range of people to take an active part in their local landscape heritage
  • Increasing opportunities for people to have access to and learn about the landscape and its heritage
  • Providing training opportunities for people in local heritage skills
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Contact Zoe Kemp (Scottish Natural Heritage) 

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