i-Tree Eco


i-Tree Eco is a software application designed for urban forest assessment. It uses field data from complete inventories or randomly located sample plots, along with hourly air pollution and meteorological data. It quantifies the structure and environmental effects of urban forests (for trees and shrubs) and calculates their value to communities.


User-collected field data

Tables / statistics / reports
Site scale
Local scale
Landscape scale
Regional scale
Cost of the tool (and guidance): 
Open access (free)
Designed for the urban realm and primary focus is trees but can be used at the regional or landscape scale too.
Resource requirement (software): 
i-Tree Eco is a stand alone program no other software required but Microsoft Excel, ArcGIS Desktop with Spatial Analyst Extension (optional) will help with reporting.
Types of ecosystem service included: 
Habitat type (UK NEA habitats): 
How does it work?: 

i-Tree Eco is one of a suite of i-Tree products developed in the US. i-Tree Eco allows users to collect data on the urban forest and estimate the quantity and economic value of multiple ecosystem services that it provides for the community.  This includes information on urban forest structure, air pollution removal, rainfall interception, carbon sequestration and storage, and resource value.  

Tree data is collected and entered into the software. A series of scientific algorithms calculate structural and functional information about the value of each tree (if 100% of trees are sampled i.e. a ‘full inventory’) or an estimate for the total tree population (if a ‘sample inventory’ is conducted using plots randomly located throughout the study area).

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