Green Infrastructure Valuation Toolkit (GI-Val)


The Green Infrastructure Valuation toolkit provides a set of calculator tools to assess the value of a green asset or a proposed green investment. Where possible, the benefits of green infrastructure (GI) are given an economic value. Other quantitative contributions (e.g. number of jobs) and qualitative contributions (e.g. case studies or research) can also be provided to give a complete view of the value of an asset.


Data about the project area and local population statistics in an Excel spreadsheet.

Tables / statistics / reports
Cost-benefit assessment
Site scale
Local scale
Cost of the tool (and guidance): 
Open access (free)
Urban green infrastructure.
Resource requirement (software): 
Microsoft Excel
Level of technical expertise required: 
Excel skills
Types of ecosystem service included: 
Habitat type (UK NEA habitats): 
Semi-natural grasslands
Enclosed farmland
Freshwater, wetlands and floodplains
How does it work?: 

The tool assesses the potential benefits provided by green infrastructure (e.g. a greenspace) in a defined project area. Benefits are grouped into 20 ecosystem service function categories (14 of which are currently working). The user must identify which functions are relevant for their project, and then provide input data. The tool uses additional data from key published studies and sources including Defra, Natural England, Forest Research and Ecotec.  GI-Val provides insight into key evidence and concepts from a range of sectors including economic development and regeneration, public health and nature conservation. The economic valuation aspect of the tool means that it has the potential to translate findings into a business case, for example, to inform land audits, reviewing development proposals or making cases for funding to improve urban greenspaces.



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For references e.g. [01] see the reference list