Future Planning Conference

Future Planning: Designing Places in a Climate Emergency

A timely & action-oriented conference that took place in Glasgow on 8th October 2019


Continuing trends towards urbanisation and the pressing realities of a climate emergency require us to urgently revaluate how we plan, design and build the ways we live in and move around our urban environments. A step change in the scale, pace and culture of delivery is needed.

For a future-proofed, long-term approach to planning and delivery, resilience, liveability, and sustainability must become the essential building blocks of our towns and cities. This is supported by steps to apply the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, on-going public health reform work, the Vacant & Derelict Land Initiative, and changing population demographics.

The ability of effective planning at city and city-region scales to simultaneously deliver multiple economic, social and environmental benefits is evident. In practice this means using green infrastructure to deliver integrated, multi-functional spaces, with joined-up coordination between transport, land-use and open-space planning. Under this approach the essential aspects of resilience, liveability, and sustainability are maximised and mainstreamed.

This integrated approach will help deliver multiple strategic outcomes: for a climate emergency, health and well-being, community participation, biodiversity, and inclusive growth. 


By bringing together key stakeholders and agencies across the planning, housing and built environment sectors, and showcasing practical examples via our presenters and panellists, this event addressed the following themes:

  1. What does future proofing mean, and what is the need for it?
  2. What is the role of masterplanning in planning and designing future proofed places?
  3. How do we practically deliver on this?
  4. How do we work together to better protect, adapt, evaluate and maintain what we deliver?

Remarks from key contributors.

The following perspectives were shared at the Future Planning - Designing Places in a Climate Emergency Conference, which took place in Glasgow on 8th October 2019.

Remarks on the day by Eileen Stuart, Scottish Natural Heritage

The Green Infrastructure Fund of Scottish Natural Heritage was Lead Partner for the event

Remarks on the day by Rene Sommer Lindsay, keynote speaker at the Conference

Remarks on the day by Dr. Gemma Jerome, involved in presenting one of the case studies (Session 2)

Remarks on the day by Kit England, panelist in Session 1

Remarks before the Conference by Duncan Maclean, case study presenter

LUC was one of our two Silver Sponsors for the Conference.

Remarks on the day by Louise Clarke, panelist in Session 1 and speaker in Session 3

Perspective from Louise Clarke of Berkeley Homes from Ecosystems Knowledge Network on Vimeo.

A unique array of experts contributed to the Conference programme. See our list of chairpersons, speakers, panelists and facilitators.

We are grateful to the following organisations, as well as the members of our advisory group, and all consultees for their help in bringing this event together. Learn more about our Sponsors and Lead Partner.