The Ecosystems Knowledge Network runs webinars to share good practice, new tools and resources developed around the UK. These are one of our most popular services, serving many who otherwise could not access this type of learning opportunity. 

We have the experience of running over 40 webinars. For recordings of selected events that have already taken place, see our webinar library

We also run the Natural Capital Investment Forum, a popular subscription service that includes bimonthly webinars on the topic of financing environmental restoration.

Upcoming webinars

A tour of the Natural Capital Laboratory - trialing new approaches to measuring, valuing, and communicating environmental and social change

Taking place at 1 pm on Thursday 19th September 2019. Register your place.

The Highlands of Scotland is home to a 100 acre 'rewilding' project to restore the Ancient Caledonian forest, reintroduce lost species, and reconnect people with the environment. In order to measure the impact of the rewilding process, a brand new Natural Capital Laboratory is being set up. Join this webinar to hear how it is trialing new approaches to data collection and how it will work with land owners and others with a stake in the natural environment of this part of Scotland. The Laboratory is making use of technologies such as robotics, AI, and drones to quantify and value the environmental and social change associated with rewilding. The work includes a set of natural and social capital accounts, as well as the development of new ways communicating findings through virtual reality and online platforms. The webinar will present a digital natural capital account and a discussion of how biodiversity can be integrated into accounts. Speakers include Erin Gianferrara and Jess Wood from AECOM, Emilia Leese the landowner, and Prof. Ian Convery from The Lifescape Project and University of Cumbria. 

Valuing the natural environment...at your desk

Taking place at 1 pm on Thursday 10th October 2019. Register your place.

The Natural Environment Valuation Online (NEVO) Tool is a freely-available web application to help explore, quantify and make predictions about the benefits that are derived from existing and altered land use across England and Wales. It has been developed by the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute at the University of Exeter with support from Defra and NERC. The tool brings together spatially explicit data, natural science and economic models to provide insights into the integrated relationships between climate change, land use change, ecosystem service flows and economic values. It has undergone significant development and testing since the introductory webinar one year ago. In this webinar, Nathan Owen and Brett Day will provide insight into how NEVO works and how it can be used.

Habitat opportunity mapping: Identifying sites for enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services

Taking place at 1 pm on Thursday 31st October 2019. Register your place.

Government across the UK is encouraging the formulation of plans for strategic management of the natural environment. This includes nature recovery networks, local natural capital plans, as well as the assessment of biodiversity and environmental net gain from built development. As a result, local authorities and others involved in the strategic management of land and water need not only to have a baseline understanding of their natural capital assets and the benefits that flow from them, but also the potential that these assets provide to further enhance both biodiversity and ecosystem services. GIS-based habitat opportunity mapping can be used to identify locations where habitats can be created or restored to enhance biodiversity and a range of ecosystem services. Using a number of case studies across England, Alison Holt from Natural Capital Solutions will demonstrate this approach and how it is being used in decisions in both urban and rural settings. 

Bigger, better and more joined-up. Introducing the Condatis Tool to enhance habitat networks

Taking place at 1 pm on Thursday 28th November 2019. Register your place.

Throughout the UK and beyond, conservation science and public policy highlight the need to enhance the connectivity of habitat networks. Condatis is a free, open-source, decision support tool to identify the best locations for habitat creation and restoration to enhance existing habitat networks and increase ecological connectivity across landscapes. Join this webinar to learn about the tool from developers at the University of Liverpool. Hear about how it is being deployed to inform restoration actions and protected site designation including work for Warwickshire County Council, the Cheshire to Greater Manchester Wetland Network, The Northern Forest and Buglife’s B-Lines.



We are currently scheduling additional webinars for 2019:

  • How to sustain a long-term initiative that connects land, nature and people


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