The Network runs a popular series of webinars to share good practice, new tools and resources developed around the UK. They are generally held on the last Thursday of each month at 1 pm. See our listing of previous webinars, with links to recordings.

Here are the next webinars:


A practical guide to measuring and valuing the natural environment as a way of improving population health

Thursday 26th October 2017, 1 - 2 pm British Summer Time (GMT +1)

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The evidence base for the positive relationship between engagement with the natural outdoors and people's health continues to strengthen. Turning this knowledge into funded programmes and partnerships that deliver better health for individuals and communities remains a significant hurdle. An important part of this is constructing a convincing economic case that will be understood by organisations at the core of the health system. In this webinar, Prof Rhiannon Tudor Edwards from Bangor University, will introduce the components of an economic case for addressing health priorities through environmental programmes. This includes the matter of standards and verification. Adams Koshy from eftec will provide his perspective and examples on how the value of health outcomes is integrated into the broader economic case for enhancing natural assets.

Rhiannon  Tudor Edwards is Professor of Health  Economics at Bangor University, leading a programme  of public health economics  research. Her interests are heading upstream to the measurement and valuation of the potential costs and benefits of nature-based prevention initiatives and green care. Adams Koshy is an Environmental Economist at eftec (Economics for the Environment Consultancy).


Sustainable intensification at the landscape scale: an introduction to the Landscape Typology Tool

Thursday 2nd November 2017, 1 - 2.30pm GMT

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Managing farmland to increase farm output and competitiveness, whilst protecting the countryside and enhancing environment and social benefits defines the work of the Sustainable Intensification Research Platform. Funded by Defra and the Welsh Government, the Platform has produced a tool to assist in planning and decision making for Sustainable Intensification at the landscape-scale. In this webinar, which is launching the Tool nationally, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology provide an introduction to the tool and its varied capabilities and applications.

The webinar will be presented by Professor Jack Cosby (CEH) and Chaired by Siobhan Sherry (Defra).

This event is co-hosted by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network with the Sustainable Intensification Research Network.

Integrated environmental management: fulfilling the UK's international obligations

Thursday, 30th November 2017, 1 -2 pm GMT

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The UK is a party to the international Convention on Biological Diversity. In 1995, the ecosystem approach was adopted as the primary framework for implementation of the Convention. Jurisdictions within the UK have responded to the existence of the ecosystem approach in varying ways. What do these responses say about the approaches to, and aspirations for, programmes of integrated environmental management across the UK? This webinar addresses these and other related questions and seeks to understand how the ecosystem approach can survive and thrive in changing times.

The webinar will be presented by Nick Kirsop-Taylor, a Researcher at the University of Exeter's Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute.