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Natural England’s Eco-metric Tool

30th April 2019

The 25 Year Environment Plan (25 YEP) highlights the opportunity to expand the net gain approaches used for biodiversity to include wider natural capital benefits. 

Natural England’s Eco-metric Tool is an emerging approach for measuring gains and losses in natural capital services and functions for people and places resulting from habitat change.  It is biodiversity led, with BNG a pre-requisite of applying the tool. It recognises that healthy, diverse and resilient ecosystems are essential to underpin the delivery of a wide range of services and long term natural capital benefits for people and places, such as flood protection, recreation and improved water and air quality.

It is designed to be used as an extension of the Defra biodiversity metric, and it aims to minimise the losses and maximise the gains in ecosystem services from investment in biodiversity net gain.  Understanding and quantifying these wider benefits could help to strengthen the business case for investment in biodiversity and natural capital. 

Building on intensive research and development work in phase 1, we are now progressing phase 2 of the project focusing on piloting the approach and testing how and where the eco-metric will be most useful.

The eco-metric has already attracted wide-scale interest, with a high demand from industry to test the approach. We are working with 20 pilots across the country to undertake some initial fast turn-around testing of the draft eco-metric spreadsheet and guidance to see how it works in practice.  We are testing the approach at local plan level and in new development such as garden towns and major road schemes.  We are also working with land managers such as water companies and local communities to test its applicability at local and landscape scale in non-development land use change scenarios.

Following a well-received webinar at the end of the 1st phase of the project (https://vimeo.com/282518798), we would now like to offer an update on the progress of the Eco-metric tool. The webinar will cover:

  • An introduction to the Eco-metric spreadsheet tool
  • The results of the pilot tests
  • How the tool may be useful to you
  • Next steps for the project  

Register here.


Natural England’s Natural Capital Indicators: for defining and measuring change in natural capital

16th May 2019

Enhancing natural capital is core to the 25 Year Environment Plan but how do we assess how it is changing?  Natural England’s recently published Natural Capital Indicators: for defining and measuring change in natural capital - NERR076 takes a step back to identify the key environmental properties underpinning a wide range of ecosystem services, essential for human well-being. Focusing on ecosystem assets, as an early-warning system for change, this work also sign-posts data sets for measuring the indicators, as well as data gaps.  Join the webinar to hear more about this innovative work and its practical application. Register here.


Applying Natural England’s natural capital indicators to produce a baseline assessment

TBC June 2019

A summary for this event will be released closer to its run date.


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