The Network runs webinars to share good practice, new tools and resources developed around the UK. These are one of our most popular services, serving many who otherwise could not access this know-how. 

We have the experience of running over 40 webinars. For recordings of selected events that have already taken place, see our webinar library

We also run the Natural Capital Investment Forum, a popular subscription service that includes bimonthly webinars on the topic of financing environmental restoration.


The local air pollutant removal value of trees in the UK

12th June 2019 1pm BST

This webinar will launch an online tool giving access to new data on the value of air pollutant removal by trees in each local authority area in the UK. The tool allows users to explore the change in value from new woodland, or removal of existing woodland. 

Trees remove air pollution, and this has health benefits to society that can be valued. Values vary due to levels of pollution, population density, and other factors. Modelling of these factors by Economics for the Environment Consultancy (eftec) and Centre for Ecology and Hydrology has produced new local data on the value of the health benefits. The webinar will describe how the data were generated, and how they can be used to help decision-makers understand the value of the trees to people. Register here.

Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature: Research into Practice

1st July 2019 1pm BST

This webinar will present a summary of findings from the IWUN (Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature) research project, led by researchers at the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield. This webinar will call on the five strands of research to describe some of the findings: an epidemiological analysis of links between greenspace and health, in-depth interviews and workshops exploring people’s connectedness with nature, a smartphone app developed to see if people feel better when noticing good things in their environment, interviews with professionals and community groups to identify interventions to increase wellbeing and a cost-utility analysis of selected interventions. The webinar will discuss the findings and their implications as well as how they can be used to help stakeholders better incorporate nature into their decision-making processes. Register here.

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