Natural capital for rural estate professionals

This half-day event was designed to help landowners, estate managers and those involved in land valuation understand what tools are available for the appraisal of nature’s benefits, and to gather feedback on how the existing tools might need to be developed to make them more suitable for users. It covered a range of tools that can work at the catchment and estate level, from simple scoping tools or checklists to mapping tools and models.

Venue: The Tatton Estate, Ashley, Cheshire

Date: 31st October 2017, 10.45am - 4.30pm

Organisers: Alison Smith (ECI, University of Oxford) with the Ecosystems Knowledge Network. In partnership with RICS Rural Group.



10.45 am  Arrival, coffee/tea and welcome

11.15 am  New Waves in Rural Estate Management: challenges and opportunities for estate managers - the broad context (Charles Cowap, RICS Rural Group, and Henry Brooks, Tatton Estate)

12 pm  A range of tools for scoping, mapping and valuing the benefits of natural capital (Alison Smith, University of Oxford)

12.30 pm  Lunch

1.15 pm  Showcase: three emerging tools

1.15 pm  Viridian Logic: a tool for mapping ecosystem services on rural estates (Angus Middleton, Viridian)

1.35 pm  NaturETrade: viewing the benefits provided by your land (Beccy Wilebore, University of Oxford)

1.55 pm  SENCE: mapping of ecosystem service provision (Katie Medcalf, Environment Systems)

2.15 pm  Q&A to the presenters (All)

2.35 pm Tea and coffee

2.50 pm  Putting tools into practice

2.50 pm  Challenges and opportunities for estate managers: case studies (Charles Cowap, RICS Rural Group and Bruce Howard, Ecosystems Knowledge Network)

3.10 pm  Small group discussions: applying tools in practice (All)

4.00 pm  Plenary discussion: What tools could be useful for estate managers and surveyors? How could existing tools be improved? Chair: Charles Cowap

Concluding remarks: Bruce Howard

4.30 pm  End