Sponsorship and partnership opportunities

The Natural Capital Investment Conference will put the UK on course to be a leader in innovative investment in natural capital – the natural features that deliver economic value to business and wider society. The event will draw together a wide range of professionals with interests in land, water, conservation, natural resources, finance and investment.

The programme for this full day conference includes keynote talks and panel discussion in plenary, as well as two rounds of seminars on a range of investment mechanisms and priorities.

Lead sponsor (£10,000)

  • Your logo will be featured prominently on the event webpages and other publicity. Web-links to your organisation inserted as appropriate.
  • Your logo will be clearly visible at the front of the main auditorium during the event.
  • Your logo to feature prominently in all supplementary events (e.g. webinars)
  • Verbal acknowledgement of your organisation as the lead sponsor at the opening and close of the event.
  • An invitation to prepare blogs and think pieces for pre-event publicity, plus inclusion of a quote in the press release for the event (content subject to editorial approval). Assistance with drafting these items will be provided.
  • Your logo and a page about your organisation to appear in the printed event programme issued to all delegates.
  • Prominent display space (dimensions subject to negotiation).
  • The opportunity to write a foreword in the professionally-formatted event report (content subject to editorial approval).
  • Up to five delegate passes (in addition to any speaker, chair or panellist places).


Conference partner (£3,000)

  • Your logo will be featured on the event webpages, and other publicity.
  • You will receive an invitation to prepare a blog for pre-event publicity (content subject to editorial approval).
  • Your logo will appear in the printed event programme issued to all delegates and in the event report.
  • Pull-up banner display space (dimensions subject to venue availability).
  • Up to two delegate passes (in addition to any speaker, chair or panellist places).


Sponsorship of the Natural Capital Investment Forum (£2,500)

At the Conference, we will be launching an on-line group to provide year-round opportunities to share knowledge about natural capital investment. Forum members will have access to a series of webinars on topics related to securing investment in natural features and a specialist bimonthly e-news. Conference delegates will receive their first year of membership for free.

Sponsors of the Forum will receive the following benefits over a period of 12 months:

  • Your logo will be featured on all publicity relating to the Forum, including the announcement at the Conference. Your organisation will be visible as a leader in facilitating innovation in natural capital investment.
  • You will be invited to deliver webinars relating to the work of your organisation, so long as these fit within the overall theme of natural capital investment.
  • Opportunities to profile your work on the Forum’s webpages and e-news.
  • One delegate pass for the Natural Capital Investment Conference.


Media Partner (national mass-media, trade and professional publications only)

A limited number of media places will be offered in return for an agreement to actively promote the event beforehand and report on it afterwards. Our media advisor is Spriggs  David.



Publicity and media

The conference will be widely publicised by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network e-news, via social media, via our supporting partners and in press releases before the event. After the event, an event report summarising the ideas and themes discussed will be produced. Summaries of the report will be prepared for publication in a selection of trade and professional publications related to environmental finance and the natural environment. Our media advisor is Spriggs David.


To discuss any of these sponsorship and partnering opportunities, please call organiser Dr Bruce Howard on 0333 240 6990 or email bruce@ecosystemsknowledge.net