Chair, speakers & panellists (marine & coastal parallel session)

Investing in the marine and coastal environment

Chair - Karen Ellis • Acting Director of Science and Policy • WWF UK

Karen has been leading a programme of work focusing on policy and market solutions to promote more sustainable economic growth at WWF-UK. She is an economist with 20 years’ experience in the public and private sectors. Karen previously worked at the Overseas Development Institute, where she led the Private Sector and Markets programme, focusing on the role of business in achieving sustainable development. Karen has also worked as an Economic Advisor at the Department for International Development, and at HM Treasury, with a focus on international economics, private sector development, growth, investment, financial regulation and macroeconomic policy issues. Prior to that Karen worked as a consultant for London Economics, advising on financial regulatory issues for private sector clients.

Presenter - Toby Roxburgh • Chief Economics Adviser (Acting) • WWF UK

Toby leads work on natural capital at WWF UK, particularly focusing on the development and use of tools/approaches to help improve the sustainability of policy, planning and investment decision-making. He is currently managing a new WWF initiative that is developing and piloting new financing mechanisms for UK Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) as part of WWF’s Sustainable Environments At Sea (SEAS) project, which is itself part of Defra’s Marine Pioneer. With a background in economics and environmental/marine sciences, other areas of focus include global/national environmental and economic policy, marine/land-use planning, and business sustainability/risk. Toby has over 20 years of experience in Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe and the Pacific.

Presenter - Paul Mackie • Strategic Funding Manager • Coastal Partnership East

Paul leads on securing funding and finance for green/grey flood and coastal resilience infrastructure. He works at a project-level with four District Authorities across Norfolk and Suffolk and provides input at a national and policy-level via collaboration with the Local Government Association, The Crown Estate and Defra.  Previously, Paul spent 10 years in global corporate sustainability with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, working with business leaders on how to respond to climate and natural resource challenges – and remain profitable. Much of his career has been spent managing international business groups established by The Prince of Wales, with a focus on natural capital investment, green finance & insurance.

Panellist - Marilena Pollicino, Economist, Defra

Marilena has been a Defra economist since 2013 advising on a number of environmental policies. Currently she leads on marine economics evidence and analysis. Previously she worked as an economist at the Environment Agency covering many regulatory areas, including flood risk, water resources management and price reviews, as well as land use planning. She worked for the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Finance in Rome covering both analytical and policy roles. Beyond her public sector experience she also held some academic posts, such as: a Marie Curie research fellow at Imperial College London and a visiting researcher fellow at University College London, where she conducted research on the application of non-market valuation techniques to aid environmental decision making.

Panellist - Fernanda Balata, Senior Programme Manager at the New Economics Foundation

Fernanda leads the New Economics Foundation’s work on coastal economies, which is aimed at reconciling social and economic prosperity for coastal communities with marine conservation. Fernanda has developed and led the Blue New Deal Initiative since 2014, delivering two major reports and building a growing network to deliver a major action plan for the UK coast. In addition to coastal issues, Fernanda has conducted research on fisheries and the future of cities. She is frequently invited by a range of organisations, politicians and community groups to talk and debate about coastal issues, the environment, politics and economics.

Panellist - David Tudor Marine Portfolio Manager, Crown Estate

David has gained a wide range of experience from working in marine resources management as a consultant and within a diverse range of organisations – including NGOs, universities and government agencies. David heads the development and asset management team working on offshore energy projects, innovative coastal management schemes and critical marine infrastructure. He previously led the strategic advice to the Crown Estate business portfolios across the UK on topic areas including: marine spatial planning, consenting, marine conservation initiatives, and advice on government legislation and marine policy. David’s previous experience focussed on marine pollution, specifically bathing and shellfish water quality and marine plastic pollution.

Panellist - Simon Dent, Althelia

Simon has more than 20 years energy and commodity related experience with extensive commodity origination experience in both physical and financial commodity markets and in managing and executing long-term structured transactions.  Previously a Managing Director in the BNP Paribas Commodity Group where he worked for the bank for over 12 years in both Europe and North America. He setup and led the global emissions sales and environmental trading activity for the bank. Simon joined Althelia Climate Fund in 2014 and is applying his commercial and structuring skills towards developing project led impact investments. He is focused on sustainable marine supply chains and fisheries as well as sustainable land use investments.