Natural Capital Investment Blog 2018

In the run-up to the Natural Capital Investment Conference 2018 we will be publishing regular blogs from guest bloggers on relevant topics.

The Conference aims to generate a dialogue between the environmental and finance sectors about new ways of investing in the UK's natural capital. In our blog series, writers share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of these new forms of investment and what benefits there could be for investors and society. 

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November 2017

Whose shoes are you wearing?

Bruce Howard, Network Co-ordinator of the Ecosystems Knowledge Network, describes the vision behind the Conference. Read the blog..

December 2017

Developing scalable financial mechanisms for natural capital

Jeremy Pannell of Triodos Bank discusses the potential for private sector investment to play a transformative role in restoring our natural capital. Read the blog..


January 2018

Creating social value from land

Mark Walton of Shared Assets puts forward examples of community owned and managed sites that are raising capital and revenue to sustain themselves into the long term. Read the blog..