An introduction to natural capital accounting at the local and landscape scale

Natural capital accounts for Beam Parklands, London - report prepared by eftec

Half day seminars

About the topic

There is growing interest in the use of accounting frameworks to understand the value of the natural environment. The aim is to inform planning, management and investment decisions that minimise risks and maximise opportunities. They are typically divided into asset accounts, maintenance costs, physical flow and monetary flows. Different frameworks help distinguish maintenance costs, physical flows of ecosystem services and their monetary values, and asset values.

Alongside efforts to develop natural capital accounts for large organisations and countries, accounts are being produced for natural features across smaller areas of land and water. This includes private estates, public parks and protected landscapes.  

These seminars introduce the process of accounting for the value of the natural environment at the local and landscape scale.

By 'local' we mean public and private land estates, administrative districts, river catchments and areas of land and water protected because of their qualities. By 'landscape scale' we mean geographical areas that can be identified by the qualities of the landscape.

What will I learn?

The session will increase your understanding of

  • the methods for ecosystem and natural capital accounting applicable at the local and landscape scale
  • relationship with other tools and methods, e.g. ecosystem service mapping
  • the resources and skills required to undertake an assessment
  • the potential for informing planning, investment and management decisions

Who are the seminars for?

  • Estate managers in the private, third and public sector
  • Businesses dependent on goods and services from the UK’s natural environment (such as in agriculture, water, tourism)
  • Managers of designated areas (such as AONBs and National Parks)
  • Local heritage and environmental initiatives (such as Landscape Partnerships, Futurescapes, Living Landscapes, Local Nature Partnerships (England), Catchment Management Partnerships.)
  • People who advise any of the above
  • Researchers interested in supporting the creation of accounts for local users

"Very timely in terms of our progress in developing natural capital accounting" Participant, Bristol

"A very interesting seminar which has convinced me that natural capital accounting is a tool that my organisation should be using", Participant, Woking

Seminar leaders

The 2017 seminar series has been delivered by experts from eftec (the economics for the environment consultancy) and Aecom. Both organisations have substantial experience of accounting for the value of the natural environment at the local and landscape scale.

Locations, dates and how to book

The 2017 series of seminars is now completed. If you are interested in this topic and would like to hear about any future related events the Ecosystems Knowledge Network is organising please email and we will keep you updated. To stay in touch and hear about all our upcoming events why not join the Network for free


Previous seminars


Bristol, 28th February 2017. Supported by Triodos Bank and delivered in association with the West of England Nature Partnership



Liverpool, 8th March 2017, supported The Peel Group



Perth, 9th March 2017. In association with Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital and escom.



Peterborough, 17th May 2017. In association with Natural Cambridgeshire.

Woking, 14th June 2017.

Leeds, 7th September 2017