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View of Leeds City Centre © istockphoto/kelvinjay

In the run up to the Building Prosperous Cities conference, we will be releasing one blog each week from our speakers. 

The conference aims to generate a diologue about mechanisms for securing funding for green infrastructure and natural capital in cities.  In our blog series, speakers share their thoughts on what these concepts mean for the future of the UK's cities, and how we can ge the most from discussions and interactions at the conference. 

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After the event...

Making the case..project by project

A team from Hosta Consulting who participated in the event, give their perspective on how big visions for natural capital can be delivered. Read the blog

One week to go...

A vital metropolitan matter

Stephen Wilkinson, Vice-President of the RTPI and Head of Planning and Strategic Partnership at Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, gives his thoughts on managing the environment as an asset.  Read the blog

Two weeks to go...

From wetlands to wastelands: more value for more people

Amanda Clack, RICS President, considers the contribution the construction industry can make to natural capital and green infrastructure.  Read the blog.

Three weeks to go...

Natural capital: adding value to urban environments

To mark three weeks until the conference, keynote speaker Ian Dickie (eftec) discusses how natural capital can add value to the city environment.  Read the blog

Four weeks to go...

The space of the city

In the second of the blog series, keynote speaker Professor Tim Stonor and colleague Nicholas Francis (Space Syntax) share their thoughts on how the space of the city plays a fundamental role in achieving sustainable urban development. Read the blog


Five weeks to go...

Thinking big, delivering locally  

In the first of the blog series, Wendy Langham, Programme Manager for the Connswater Community Greenway project in Belfast, discusses the value of large-scale investment in green infrastructure and natural capital. Read the blog.