Early career researchers


One of the main aims of BESS was to develop and train the next generation of researchers in this area of science, who are capable of working with and across the natural and social disciplines. BESS disbursed five NERC Interdisciplinary Studentships during 2012. This group, together with early career researchers working in BESS projects, established the Next Research Generation (NRG) network and have been active and significant contributors to the wider BESS programme. NRG BESS members elected officers each year and organised their own training, outreach events and a conference which attracted researchers outside of the BESS programme and from outside of the UK.  NRG BESS grew to include early career researchers working on ecosystem services outside of the BESS programme.

Read some profiles of early career researchers who explain how they got in to science and why they have a passion for it.


Running a 'Love your salt marsh' activity at a public event                                                               












At the Early Career Researchers Conference








The film training group

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