Catchment Management Modelling Platform


The Catchment Management Modelling Platform (CaMMP) was funded jointly with Macronutrient Cycles, Defra, the Scottish Government and underpinned by the Environment Agency. It was awarded to a large consortium of modellers from across the UK and led by Professor Bridget Emmett at CEH, Bangor.

This project aims to improve the access to and integration between data and models that help address the key questions in catchment management for water quality and wider ecosystem services. This integration allows for more complex issues across many policy areas to be understood and addressed and as a result a more holistic view to inform both policy development and the impacts of policies on the water and wider environment. To achieve this, the project brings together datasets and models relevant to these challenges. 

The overall objective is to promote a change in culture towards greater collaborative working and improved accessibility and effective use of existing models and tools in an integrated fashion.


On the CaMMP website you will find catalogues of modelling tools, case studies and datasets.





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