Summary of the BESS Programme Findings

A presentation synthesising the BESS project's aims, headline messages, findings and outputs.


Research Consortia


Four consortia undertook research in different landscapes across the UK. Each consortium was asked to address the three main questions in the BESS Science Plan, in ways appropriate for their landscape.




Research Grants and Fellowship


BESS funded a number of grants and a Fellowship that addressed various aspects of the Science Plan and complemented consortia research.




Early Career Researchers


One of the main aims of BESS was to develop and train the next generation of researchers in this area of science, who are capable of working with and across the natural and social disciplines.



Working Groups and Workshops


BESS workshops and working groups provided much of the integration and interaction across the BESS programme and extended BESS science into the wider community.



Catchment Management Modelling Programme


This project created a community forum to prioritise modelling needs and a modelling framework hosted on a robust platform to facilitate greater sharing and linking of data and models. The overall objective was to promote a change in culture towards greater collaborative working and improved accessibility and effective use of existing models and tools in an integrated fashion.



These pages contain the archive of the NERC Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability (BESS) programme