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Last call for Webinar with The Nature Conservancy & NatureVest 22 Sep

Nature-based finance in practice: learning from international pioneers

As nature-based finance accelerates around the world, we need to learn from the pioneers. In this webinar, experts from The Nature Conservancy and its in-house impact investing team, NatureVest, will share learning from a selection of their innovative projects in the US and New Zealand. Join to discover how nature-based finance can deliver outcomes for people and nature alongside returns.

Discovering ways that show the value of the natural environment

Tool Assessor is designed to help professionals to discover products that may help them assess what the environment does for people. It is provided by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network.

As we revise Tool Assessor, we’d like to hear your experience of using products designed to help you understand what the environment does for people.

April 2020 e-news - learning opportunities for you

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EKN co-authors report on emerging funding opportunities

The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation has published a report entitled Emerging funding opportunities for the natural environment today, 26th February 2020. It contains a review of the current landscape for innovative funding of environmental enhancement across the UK. The review was completed by Environmental Finance Ltd and Ecosystems Knowledge Network, with funding and support from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Ecosystem Services from urban trees

Forest Research have been undertaking research to explore the ecosystem services provided by the urban forest.

Their findings can now be accessed for the ecosystem services of small and medium stature trees and large stature trees. This research was informed by the i-Tree Eco model.

Collectively, these Research Reports will be useful to those engaged in urban forestry management by helping to identify which tree species may be favoured for the delivery of particular ecosystem services through selective planting.

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