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Ecosystems News Issue 3 - An environment for health

WINTER 2012/2013. In this issue: Good places, better health / Mapping ecosystem services / Engaging with the valuation challenge / Project Profiles: A joined-up approach managing the Celtic Sea, Cairngorms Futurescapes

Ecosystems News Issue 2 - Spatial planning meets an ecosystems approach

AUTUMN 2012. In this issue: Join the debate on spatial planning and an ecosystems approach / Mayesbrook Climate Change Park / Project Profiles / Natural Resource Management in Wales

Ecosystems News Issue 1 - What is an ecosystems approach and how can it benefit you?

SPRING 2012. in this issue: Welcome to the Ecosystems Knowledge Network / An Ecosystems Approach and Local Planning / Dartmoor Farming Futures / Grow with Wyre / Holnicote Multi-objective Flood Project