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Ecosystems News Issue 13 - The UK National Ecosystem Assessment five years on

SUMMER 2016. In this issue: Life after the UK NEA / Policy responses to the UK NEA / Applying the UK NEA in Birmingham / Using economics to improve delivery of ecosystem services / Community engagement with Birmingham & Black Country NIA / Place Standard tool / Strathard - a landscape to live, work and play

Ecosystems News Issue 12 - Cultural ecosystem services

SPRING 2016. In this issue: Heritage and cultural ecosystem services / Towards a framework for cultural ecosystem services in Scotland / Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area / 8-point Plan for England’s National Parks / New experience of payments for ecosystem services

Ecosystems News Issue 11 - Tools for the job

WINTER 2015. In this issue: Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site-based Assessment (TESSA) / EcoServ-GIS / The Llŷn Partnership / Childhood obesity in West Yorkshire / Making connections in Belfast

Ecosystems News Issue 10 - Landscapes of the Future

SUMMER 2015. In this issue: Nature and UK cities: the future is now / The future for upland landscapes / The Belfast Hills and the City / The ecosystem approach: talking with the public at large

Ecosystems News Issue 9 - Crystal Clear? The language we use in dialogue about people and nature

WINTER/SPRING 2015. In this issue: Viewpoint: Communicating ecosystem services / Viewpoint: Read this. It’s useful! / Eco-what?! The need for clarity and consistency in communicating ecosystem terminology / Mainstreaming ecosystem thinking: finding the right hooks / Making words count

Ecosystems News Issue 8 - Resilience - and an ecosystems approach

SUMMER 2014. In this issue: Resilience and the Westcountry Rivers Trust / Resilience through people: Carse of Stirling / Will your project be delivering value in 2060?

Ecosystems News Issue 7 - Metropolitan matters: An ecosystems approach to our cities

WINTER/SPRING 2014. In this issue: Viewpoint: reaching ‘metanoia’ / The Mersey Forest – more from trees / Green infrastructure for Glasgow’s city region / Bristol: European Green Capital 2015

Ecosystems News Issue 6 - From shore to sea: Applying an ecosystems approach around our coasts

AUTUMN 2013. In this issue: Marine planning – moving forward / Celtic Seas Partnership / Linking tourism and wildlife in Morecambe Bay / Project profiles: C-SCOPE in Dorset, Inner Forth Futurescape

Ecosystems News Issue 5 - Well connected? Involving communities in an ecosystems approach

SUMMER 2013. In this issue: Top ten tips for community engagement / Community engagement in North Devon / Talking About Our Place toolkit / Project profiles: The Great Trossachs Forest, Worcestershire Community Budgets

Ecosystems News Issue 4 - Valuing ccosystem services: from principles to practice

SPRING 2013. In this issue: RSPB’s Head of Economics on valuing and conserving nature / Business and marine ecosystem services / Shropshire Land, Life and Livelihoods / Chalking up the benefits in Sussex