Spatial planning and an ecosystems approach


This one day workshop, held in Barnstaple on 12th July 2012, explored the implications of an ecosystems approach for spatial planning in the context of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The NPPF emphasises the need for the planning system to protect and enhance valued landscapes, natural features, biodiversity and wider ecosystem services. An ecosystems approach is highlighted by the 2011 Natural Environment White Paper as one way of ensuring the natural environment is protected and enhanced by planning policies.

Workshop participants learnt about the pioneering work of North Devon Council in integrating an ecosystems approach into planning. North Devon provides a particularly useful setting to explore how an ecosystems approach may help planners in their work because of its unique set of designations for land, sea and sky. This includes a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 


A report on the event can be found in Issue 2 of Ecosystems News.

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