Applying payments for ecosystem services

Payments for ecosystem services (PES) schemes link the beneficiaries, or ‘users’, of nature’s services with the stewards, or ‘providers’, of those services in order to protect or enhance them. Further in formation on PES is available elsewhere on this website, along with summaries of various projects to research and test PES in practice. On 22nd May 2013, the Ecosystems Knowledge Network held a workshop in Bristol to help people involved in the management of specific areas of land or marine habitat to evaluate the prospects for initiating payments for ecosystem services. Learning from practical experience with this mechanism was a core part of the day. A series of short video clips recorded at the event provide perspectives from some of the participants on payments for ecosystem services.  This begins with a short introduction of a Best Practice Guide on Payments for Ecosystem Services, which was published by Defra on the day of the workshop. 


Introductory presentations

  • Payments for ecosystem services: key concepts and principles. Tom Quick and Petrina Rowcroft, URS.

  • Developing the potential for payments for ecosystem services - Defra's Action Plan. Colin Smith, Defra.

  • Learning from experiences with payments for ecosystem services beyond the UK. Mark Everard (Ecosystems Knowledge Network Steering Group member, and Environment Agency).

Seminar series

 Participants in discussion at the Bristol workshop on payments for ecosystem services.