Applying an ecosystems approach in urban settings

The Mayesbrook Climate Change Park Project is transforming a rundown 48 hectare park into a showcase of how public greenspace can help a community to adapt to the impacts from climate change. It has been informed by an assessment of ecosystems services delivered by the park, and their value.

Robert Oates, Director of Thames River Restoration Trust explains the development of Mayesbrook Climate Change Park

On 25th June 2012, the Ecosystems Knowledge Network facilitated a visit for 24 of its members to the highly acclaimed Mayesbrook Park Project in East London. The visit was followed by an opportunity to discuss how an ecosystem approach is applied in urban settings.

Summary report

The main body of the report on the event is available here. This is supplemented by Annex 1 (discussion group feedback on the Mayesbrook Park timeline and process) and Annex 2 (transcript of the mind mapping results for each discussion group).

Further information about the Mayesbrook Park Project is available here.

Continue the discussion - opportunity for shared learning

The Network facilitators are keen to assist with discussions and shared learning on theme of applying an ecosystems approach in urban settings. You are welcome to suggest further activities related to this theme, prepare a commentary, or share relevant project experience.  To do this, please contact the facilitators.

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Mind map produced by participants of the field visit to Mayesbrook Climate Change Park on 25th June 2012, organised by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network