Mapping ecosystem services workshop

Mapping ecosystem services is a key area of innovation in the application of an ecosystems approach. There is currently lots of interest in new tools for producing maps, as well as new applications for them in engaging people and informing decisions about how land and marine areas are managed.

On 26th November 2012, the Ecosystems Knowledge Network and Durham Wildlife Trust co-organised a workshop on Mapping Ecosystem Services. Sixty participants from throughout the UK came together to explore what is involved in mapping ecosystem services. They heard from three initiatives to developed and applied maps in particular contexts:

  • Green infrastructure mapping on Merseyside, presented by Tom Butlin of the Mersey Forest Partnership.
  • EcoServ-GIS, presented by Chloe Bellamy and Jonathan Winn from Durham Wildlife Trust.
  • Polyscape, presented by Tim Pagella from the University of Bangor.

Workshop on mapping ecosystem services, 26th November 2012 During the workshop, participants were able to discuss applications for different types of maps, as well as the limitations for creating and using them.

Summary report

A short report on the event is available in Issue 3 of Ecosystem News. A further eight-page report on the event includes an overview of the afternoon group discussion sessions. More detailed notes on the mind-mapping session to identify limitations for the use of maps (and how they might be overcome) are also available.


View the presentation of EcoServ-GIS by Chloe Bellamy and Jonathan Winn.

View the presentation of Polyscape by Tim Pagella.

View Green infrastructure mapping in Merseyside by Tom Butlin.

The following presentations are also available: The Mersey Forest presentation. The EcoServ GIS presentation. The Polyscape presentation. The event flyer is also available.

Perspective from members

Chris Fairbrother from the South Downs National Park Authority, and Mai Nielsen from Buckinghamshire County Council, explained how they are mapping ecosystem services.