Putting nature's services on the map


Poul Christensen CBE, Chair of Natural England, addressing the workshop on 29th April, 2013There is increasing interest in producing maps that portray the ‘services’ that the natural environment provides for people, rather than simply mapping features in the environment or measures of environmental quality. In association with Oxfordshire's Nature partnership, the Ecosystems Knowledge Network organised a workshop to help local authority staff learn about how ecosystem service maps can help inform decisions about how services are funded and delivered. The event took place in Oxford on 29 April 2013. It involved 75 local government officers and representatives of the delivery partners of local authorities. Poul Christensen CBE, the then Chair of Natural England opened the workshop, highlighting the importance of communicating the value of nature's services to those outside the traditional 'environment' professions. The event formed part of the mapping ecosystem services theme of the Ecosystems Knowledge Network. It was preceded by a workshop on mapping ecosystem services held in Sheffield in November 2012.

Summary report

summary report on the event, describing the main learning points, is available for download.

Morning session: programme and presentations

The morning session set the scene with an overview of what is involved in ecosystem service mapping, followed by presentations by representatives of three local authorities that have already found applications for maps of nature's services.

Short profiles of the speakers are available. Nick Grayson, Climate Change and Sustainability Manager for Birmingham City Council, explaining the benefits of ecosystem service mapping.

Links to initiatives, reports and on-line resources mentioned during the day

For other relevant links, see the mapping ecosystem services learning theme page.

Afternoon seminars

The afternoon consisted of four seminars that addressed different aspects of mapping nature's services at the local level.

Other related Network activities

 Hilary Philips, Oxfordshire Nature Conservation Forum.